In this Art on Leather Museum, you will enjoy a unique art collection in the world since you will find an exhibition of the result of a long research throughout the time and history about decorating and working on leather in this city in the Caliphal time.

You will find as well in this main entrance a specialized shop about the most famous working on leather techniques in Cordoba, the gilt-leather panel and the Cordovan leather.

The present artist in this museum, who, after years of formation and training, has got specialized in the oldest techniques dating from the 10th century, has carried out all this handicraft picture collection available for sale.

His name is José Carlos Villarejo García and he is the disciple of Master Ramón García Romero, with a working technique and skill unique in this world. Please, remember to admire these pieces of art for sale in this shop as they are beautiful, exquisite and unrepeatable