Track 5: ROOM IV

In this corner, we can see the Guest Book of this museum displayed, made by Master Ramón and José Carlos. It is crafted following the Cordovan leather technique and it records some comments from distinguished visitors in the field of culture, national and international politics, such as the Spanish Monarchs, Dalai Lama, different presidents, prime ministers, politicians, artists and close acquaintances.

Likewise, we can observe on the shelf in this room a wide variety of tools Master Ramón used to work with, as well as his disciple, to develop this gilt-leather panel and Cordovan leather collection.

We use the hammers for beating the different nails on the leather. We can, at the same time, observe different patterns and size on the top of the iron tools, the ones that bring the gilt-leather panels to life.

We can as well see different raw material with which the Master transmits his wisdom to his disciple on how to craft the different polychromes to dye in such a different way and, thus, these pieces can reach a really high artistic value and reflect such beauty and perfection.