Jose Carlos Villarejo García

This “guadamecilero” artist was born in Córdoba (Spain). Moved by an irresistible strength of the beauty and art world since his childhood, he developed in the ornament and leathers from Córdoba discipline along with the artist Ramón García Romero, his uncle and master.


Together with his master, Jose Carlos Villarejo García learnt the most diverse leather ornamentation techniques, mastering all its expressions and the mottled and studded finishing; engraving; modelling and embossing, with color, ink and patina finish. As well, in the making of calligraphic and illuminated parchments and in the art which makes it unique in the world: the polychrome and iron garnished guadameci out of the original caliphal technique.

Jose Carlos Villarejo García develops all his artistic experiences doing his best to research the history and manage all the techniques he uses to make them last in time, being this caliphal “guadameci” technique the one which makes him stand out from the rest and be a unique artist in the world. Since 2006 up to present, Jose Carlos Villarejo García has been the manager of the Umayyad Guadameci Museum in Córdoba, a cultural and interpretation center specialized in the management, protection and dissemination of the Umayyad techniques in the leather ornamentation.

In 2017, he published his first book to pay tribute to his master and uncle Ramón García Romero. This book deals with his artistic career, some history features about the “guadamecí” in the Caliphal Córdoba and a short manual on leather work techniques.

Likewise, and parallel to these activities, as a specialized artist and under his own trademark, Jose Carlos Villarejo García develops his “ARTE SOBRE PIEL” (art on leather) with his artisitic guadamecies based on the Umayyad technique for private collectors, foundations, institutions and cultural exhibitions.