A Unique Museum-House In The World

This Museum-House is unique in the world as it shows the recovery of the original Omeya techniques to work on the leather used like decoration.


All this thanks to our master Mr. Ramón García Romero and Jose Carlos Villarejo García, research artists on Caliphal and sumptuary techniques which were developed in Cordoba in the 10th century.

In particular, you will learn on the genuine Omeya labour regarding their git-leather panels (guadamecíes), which became extraordinarily famous around the world due to their esthetic quality and outstanding beauty. This gilt-leather panel (guadamecí) was a really appreciated piece which showed a plant and geometric design. It consisted in gilding the leather so as, later, to get it polychromed and ironed and used almost exclusively in important houses and palaces.

This research and recovery work of both artist made up a unique museum in the world, located in the city of Cordoba (Spain), devoted to this sumptuary art born in the era of the greatest splendour of the Umayyad Caliphate (10th century)