The Technique

The gilt leather panel as a technique is said to be born in the city of Ghadamés, in the 8th century, like an exclusive treatment of the leather pieces which were gilded or silvered.

This artcraft was improved in the 10th century in the Umayyad Cordoba, thanks to the chemistry of the inhabitants of that city, since the goatskin suffered a change, turning from craftsmanship into art.

The most beautiful adaptation of leather to the external decoration is the one employed in ferrous, golden and polychromatic panels.These sumptuous works have been named gilt-leather panels (guadamecíes).

And from the very beginning, the gilt-leather panels reached a great prestige for their beauty and artistic value. So, the panels got an honor position in museums from all around the world, giving rise to the most important particular collections and established as the most precious treasures in our palaces


“Creativity, drawing, painting, color, etc. take part in the compedium of the voice GUADAMECÍ, whose production support is leather, constituting itself as the form of expression of greatest beauty among the Plastic Arts.”